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Get Started Building Your New doTERRA Business

First things first. Congratulations! You are taking a bold step in developing your own, independent business and taking control of your person economy. Here’s what we want you to know right off the bat—you can do this! Being successful requires commitment and determination to reach your goal, but it is not out of your reach.

The doTERRA business model works the same for everyone. Execution is different for each person. Everyone takes action differently based on their own skills and fears. You are the unique factor. Here are five keys that will set the stage for a more successful outcome:

Believe it!
Make it a Priority!
Take Action!
Stay in the Game

As a builder, doTERRA has minimum order requirements that qualify your position to earn income. You must maintain at least a 100 pv Loyalty Rewards Order at all times to unlock the commission bonuses available to you. We suggest that you run 125+ pv by the 15th of each month to qualify for all of the benefits of your wholesale membership including the Free Product of the Month Club. Log into your back office and set up your LRP Order now if you have not already done so.

It’s hard to hit a target you aren’t aiming for. What are you striving to achieve with your doTERRA business? Are you looking to get your products paid for? Are you wanting to create a part-time income, or are you looking to create Job-Replacing Income and financial independence? It’s up to you.

EDGE provides an entire community of support to help you feel connected and get answers to your questions. We have Facebook groups, weekly calls, tv broadcasts and monthly trainings to help you connect and feel supported.

There are some tools that make sharing essential oils much easier. As with all businesses, you’ll want to be equipped to market yourself effectively. Here is a short check list that can help:

Get the EDGE Success System here!
Have some essential oils that you can share with others
Purchase some small vials for oil samples
Aquire some product catalogs from doTERRA
Obtain some Modern Essentials books

List out the names of everyone you know. Start with the names of people that are in your closest sphere of influence. My Names List tool is a great way to get your list building muscles going. Write down a minimum of 100 names. I challenge you to reach for 500, but no less than 100. Use a memory jogger if you are having difficulty remembering people. Check your Facebook profile and your phone contacts. Write down everyone. Not everyone will be interested, but everyone you know, knows someone that will.

You probably don’t understand how to deliver an effective presentation yet, but the person that enrolled you may. Mark 3 dates down for classes that someone in your upline can teach for you. Having dates set gives you a great target to invite your first prospects to learn about essential oils.

This really isn’t that difficult. Invite the people you know best first. It’s as easy as inviting a friend to go out to dinner or see a movie.

Pick up the phone and say, “Hey Jen, I have a quick question for you, do you have a minute?”

Jen: “Sure, what’s up?”

YOU: “I’m just curious, are you open to natural health?”

Jen: “You bet!”

YOU: “I have a person coming to my home to teach us about using essential oils to maintain good health, would it be ok if I invited you to come and learn with me?”

Remember that the key to effective inviting is to be direct and polite. Seek for openness and don’t try to evade, be secretive, or deceptive. I always try to use permission based questions like, “would it be ok if…”, or “I’m just curious… “. Then, make your invite clear and direct, “Will you be able to make it to the class?” or, “Can I give you a sample?”, or “Would you like to set up a wholesale membership account with me?”

The best way to make a business work is to understand you earn the money. There are five ways you can earn money through doTERRA. The first is retail sales; the second is Fast Start Bonuses; the third is Power of 3 Bonus; the forth is Unilevel Bonus; the fifth is Leadership Bonus Pools. In the first few months, most of your income will come from Fast Start Bonuses. The Unilevel Bonus will represent the long-term residual power of what you build (i.e. your reordering customers).

People often feel confused about how to keep in front of a steady flow of new prospects. There are a number of ways to market yourself. You will find that some of your best business partners and growth will come from networking with people that you already know. Remember that it’s not as much about who you know as who your network knows. Most of the largest builders on my team are contacts of my contacts contacts.

Leaders around the world are conducting EDGE Success Business Builder Boot Camps. These simple training camps are generally full-day workshops that help you understand the process of building your business into a large organization. You will learn the fundamental skills of how to find people to teach, teaching the class and following through to develop a life-time customer. Network through our Facebook groups or check the Calendar on this site for potential Boot Camps near you. Contact your enroller and request to attend a Boot Camp and see if they can host one or find one close by. With the resources provided under the Boot Camp section, you can probably put together a small group training if you don’t have a big leader in your area.


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