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System Duplication has two phases. The first is learning how to personally implement the system so you can Find, Teach and Enroll your personal customers and business builders. The second is training. How to teach your builders how to Find, Teach and Enroll. The EDGE Success Boot Camp is designed for easy “training” duplication.

What is an EDGE Success Boot Camp?
The Boot Camp is a simple, full-day training program that is easy to implement into your team and easy for new and seasoned leaders to integrate and facilitate. It is a step-by-step curriculum that includes power points and workbook.

Who can facilitate an EDGE Boot Camp?
Anyone can facilitate a Boot Camp for their team, however, we recommend that Golds and above would have the experience to best share the training.

What materials do I need to produce an EDGE Boot Camp?
We have produced and made available a core power point presentation. It’s listed as Boot Camp Part 1 and Boot Camp Part 2 and can be found in the file section of the Boot Camp HQ. For your Boot Camp, you will want to have an EDGE Success Book Camp Workbook available for each attendee. Workbooks can be acquired on We recommend charging a minimum of $15 per person for your events to help cover cost of materials and room rentals.

EDGE Success Boot Camp Preparation Check List
Preparing and delivering a boot camp is easy. Here is a quick check list to prepare and deliver a successful event.
  1. Get with your leaders and decide on a date
  2. Locate a facility large enough for your needs. 
  3. Be sure your venue has screen, projector and audio/mic capabilities
  4. Construct a registration link through a service like 
  5. Circulate and promote your event
  6. Order workbooks no later than 1 week before your event so they can be shipped in time
  7. Assign team members to handle registration and check in for the day of your event

Can I Connect and Mastermind with Others that Facilitate Boot Camps?
EDGE Success has created an online community where you can ask questions and coordinate all things boot camp. You can find that group at

We are making the Edge Success Boot Camp Series available to everyone. We have seen the difference these tools make and it is our hope to help you win!



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